broccoli christmas tree


iPhone Cake Pan – A cake mold that only makes iPhone-shaped cakes.

iphone cake mold


DIY 3D Minecraft Creeper – A 3D Minecraft creeper figure made from perler beads.

diy 3d minecraft creeper perler beads


Airless Bicycle Tires – No more punctured or under-inflated bicycles again.



Home-made Gymnast Robot – A very clever robot programmed to dismount from a horizontal bar with an awesome somersault



Memo Pad Organizer – A memo pad that comes with pre-drilled holes that holds pens and pencils up.

memo pad organizer


Lego Ramen – An inedible ramen made completely from Lego blocks and pieces.

lego ramen


Mini Strandbeest Model Kit – A DIY model kit for building your own kinetic sculpture, the mini version of Strandbeest.

mini strandbeest kinetic sculpture kit


Amazing Cotton Candy Art – Awesome cotton candy flower making in progress.



Most Useless Machine in the World – The most useless machine in the world has been stepped up to a whole new level, using an old printer.