solar fairy lights

  • Solar Fairy lights – Charge in the day, twinkle at night. [link]


isaw usb chainsaw

  • iSaw USB Saw – In case you need a chainsaw on your desktop powered by USB, here it is. Most probably a hoax. [link]


nokia 3720 torture

  • Nokia 3720 – The waterproof and dustproof Nokia 3720 is the rugged king of phone abuse. [link]


sushi shinkansen train

  • Home sushi conveyor – Toy train that delivers sushi round and round featured at Tokyo Toy Show 2009. [link]



assasin's creed 2

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 features 20 hours of gameplay – Longer than the first game. [news]


halo teabag shirt

  • Halo teabag shirt – The ultimate humiliation. [link]



3d lego luigi

  • Luigi Lego – 3D Luigi made from Lego bricks. [link]


transformers 2 constructicon devastator

  • Constructicon Devastator – Action figure from the Transformers 2 movie. You know you want it. [link]


mugen beer

  • Mugen can beer – Infinite joy of opening cans of beer. [link]



chrome os

  • Google announces Chrome OS – Following the success of Google’s Chrome browser and Android OS. Google announces the the Chrome OS aimed for netbooks. [announcement]


  • iPhone 3GS unlocks released – Updated versions of redsn0w jailbreak and ultrasn0w carrier unlock by dev team for the iPhone 3GS 3.0 have been released. [link]


Cool Stuff

earth apple

  • Earth apple – The world map carved on an apple. [pic]


toilet suitcase

  • 15 weird suitcases – Suitcases filled with strange purposes and surprises. [gallery]


caprisun jacket

  • Capri Sun Jacket – 140 used Capri Sun pouches makes 1 Capri Sun jacket. [link]


optimus prime truck

  • Optimus Prime truck – The leader of the Autobots spotted on eBay. [link]


Funny Stuff

poor man's pool

  • There I fixed it – Poor man’s pool. [pic]


yen handkerchief 1

  • 10000 yen handkerchief – Wipe your sweat with money. [link]


funny road sign

  • Funny road signs – 50 funny road signs from around the world. [gallery]


News & Articles

thomas cook jet

  • Passenger jet with technical glitch has its problems fixed by riding passenger – He happened to be a licensed aircraft engineer. [news]