asus g60 transformers notebook

  • Transformers themed Asus G60 – The G60 gaming notebook by Asus gets pimped up with a Transformers theme. [flickr]




  • 9 best game fireballs – The greatest animated game fireballs ever. [gallery]


battlefield 1943

  • Battlefield 1943 launch day clogs up servers – The game Battlefield 1943 gets much more players than expected on launch day. Many servers were full resulting in lots of players left out of the action. Meanwhile EA assures that more servers are being added. [news]



  • World of Warcraft F2P – Blizzard’s World of Warcraft could turn to a free-to-play model in the future. [link]


capoeira video game

  • Capoeira video game – Video game featuring the martial art Capoeira to arrive in Q4 2009. [news]


Anime & Manga

baby chunli cosplay

  • Baby Chun Li cosplay – Cosplaying starts at a young age for this tot. [pic]



google chrome os

  • 10 things about Google Chrome OS – Ten things you should know about Google’s new open source Chrome OS. [link]


  • The Google Chrome OS FAQ – Answers to common questions about Google’s Chrome OS. [link]


Cool Stuff

keyring key

  • Keyring key design – Ingenious, simple and very useful. [link]


wiimote controlled grappler

  • Heavy duty Wiimote control – A 15-ton grappler modified to be controlled with a Nintendo Wiimote via Bluetooth. [link]


modded asus eee pc led

  • Modded Asus Eee PC – A guy modifies the Asus Eee PC and adds LEDs with light-up notifications for IM, Twitter and email. [link]


rice paddy crop art 2009 japan

  • Rice paddy art – Rice paddy crop art for the year of 2009 in Japan. [gallery]


jet aircar

  • Jet car – Jet AirCar spotted on eBay. Supposedly built as a tribute to the concept of the flying car. Not air-worthy though. [link]


worlds largest rc helicopter 1 worlds largest rc helicopter 2

  • World’s largest RC helicopter – At 1:5 scale, this Mi-24 RC helicopter is the largest of its kind in the whole world. [video]


Funny Stuff

guinea pigs watermelon

  • Guinea pigs – Guinea pigs eating watermelon. [youtube]


concentrate on two things

  • Concentration – It’s hard to concentrate on two things at the same time. [pic]


three warnings

  • Safety instructions – 3 warnings should be enough. [pic]


funny restarant names

  • 40 funny restaurant names – To be honest, some of them could actually drive potential customers away. [gallery]


crazy scooter modification

  • Crazy scooter modification – Well, this is just crazy. [pic]