The world’s longest doormat from India weights 999 kilograms and measures 101..6 meters long.


Get woken up from sleep by Darth Vader with this alarm clock from Star Wars shop.


iPad jokes aren’t over yet, so join in the fun by making a papercraft version of the original iPad version 1.


A cool idea from Beste Miray of a redesigned envelope containing an image from Google Maps where the letter was sent from.


This guy gets called ‘The Coolest Guy in the World’ simply by being able to perform an insane amount of tricks that people normally can’t do.




Different ways to sort cats in the house. Stack them up on stackable trays, line them up on shelves or place them in pails!

cat-sorter 1

cat-sorter 2

cat-sorter 3

A cat uses his owner’s guitar-strumming hand as an automatic cat petting machine.



Plain ol’ garage doors make way for creative and awesome designs.

garage-door-design 1

garage-door-design 2

garage-door-design 3

A cool time-lapse video of the big snowfall of February 5-6th 2010.



How to pull off a funny water bowl ceiling prank.



Cleverly designed golf beer pint glass tells people you got a hole-in-one or a golfing pro until they read between the lines.