A list of awesome shadow puppet clips made from human hands.



Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance performed with hands. Must have taken her lots of practicing to come with such an amazing performance.



A collection of great Lego masterpieces. 17 in all.


Playing too many flash games lately? 20 signs to prove that you’re in fact a flash game addict.


If you’ve been caught up with the babes of curling in the Winter Olympics and want to try the game for yourself, the Desktop Mini Crazy Curling game set is definitely for you.

desktop-mini-curling 1  desktop-mini-curling 2

A gallery of X-Men figures, but not an ordinary one. These cool X-Men figurines are all made from paper.

xmen-papercraft 1  xmen-papercraft 2  ironman-papercraft

Saying sorry to a fellow computer geek? The ‘ctrl-z’ letterpress card may be the perfect way to seek forgiveness.


A great gallery of an original steampunked Lego crawler town by DeGobbi. It also offers an interesting perspective into the future in the event of a climate crisis.


Last and not least, for our readers with a sweet-tooth. These cute Sesame Street cupcakes are sure to make your day.