puppy hugs kitten

A pen made from motherboard parts, sure to spark a fire in the computer geek’s heart.

computer motherboard pen

Your computer desk isn’t a slab of tarmac, but having this mini road sweeper desktop vacuum cleaner will make you think you do!

road sweeper mini desktop vacuum cleaner

Can’t get enough of mini donuts? This waffle-style mini donut maker needs to obtain a permanent spot on your kitchen counter.

waffle style mini donut maker

While you’re concerned about having an overdose of donuts, do consider to take out this wheel-of-nutrition plate to remind yourself of the importance of a balanced meal.

wheel of nutrition plate

Definitely an interesting MacBook add-on for Lego lovers. Turn your keyboard into slabs of Lego bricks with this set of stickers.

lego style keyboard stickers for MacBook

Something really out of the norm, a Japanese couple gets married by a robot!



Video of an interesting remake of the popular PC game, StarCraft in 8-bit style!



Instead of going to sleep with your iPhone, use this super comfy looking iPhone cushion instead. Yes you guessed it, it’s called an iCushion.

iPhone cushion iCushion

Geeky game cakes have always been the staple at Internet Siao so check out these two:

Tetris cake – a Nintendo cartridge with tetris blocks stuck around it.

Tetris cake

Atari Pac Man cake – a cake with the Pac Man game around and a huge Atari joystick on top!

Pac Man Atari joystick cake