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Using ice in your drinks is a pretty quick and convenient way of chilling beverages. However the drawback is that ice melts and will dilute the beverage usually before one gets to finish the whole cup. Instead of using ice cubes to chill your drinks, a good alternative is to use ice cube substitutes made of materials that can be frozen but will not melt.

Here’s a set of ”ice cubes” called Litecubes that contain freezable jelly encased within a non-toxic acrylic cube that possesses the ability to keep your drinks chilled for a longer period of time without the dreaded diluting effect.

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The magic does not stop there though, these freezable ice cube substitutes come with built in LED light that emit light in various colors and make the entire cup glow when the Litecube gets dunked inside; which is a pretty awesome way of complementing a nice chilled drink with a party glow.

The Litecubes can be set to glow in rainbow mode to let it cycle across 8 colors or locked in a single color. They have a battery life of 15-20 hours for powering the glowing LED light within, however the batteries are not replaceable. The good thing is that these ice cubes are reusable, so even when the light runs out, they can still be kept frozen in the fridge for chilling drinks when needed just as usual.

A cool-looking set of LED ice cubes that will surely be a nice addition for party drinks either for use in individual cups or in a punch bowl.

The Litecubes freezable LED ice cubes retail for $14.20 for a set of 6 pieces from Amazon.