loch ness monster nessie push pins 1

The Loch Ness Monster, or more affectionately known as Nessie may be myth and legend, but that’s also why it has attracted so many curious people to try unearth its mystery over the years. Here’s one ‘Nessie” that doesn’t live in a shroud of mystery but serves a useful purpose instead.

loch ness monster nessie push pins 2

These are push pins designed to look like the alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. Some of us think that it’s a snake-like creature and when it surfaces, its body break out of the water in a wavy manner with some of its humps visible.

That’s what these Nessie-shaped drawing pins are made to look like. Purpose-wise, they are made to function as pushpins that can be used to attach notes and memos to a corkboard for easy reference to a variety of information.

The good thing about this set of push pins is that you get 6 Loch Ness monsters per set and it consists of 24 pieces that make up the heads, bodies and tail, When that many pieces are used on a single corkboard it will surely make it feel like the Loch Ness on a ‘busy’ day.

A set of cute-looking push pins that not only look good but functional as well.

The Nessie push pins retail for £7.50 from designer Duncan Shotton’s online shop.