playful balloon lights wall lighting set 1

Here’s a bunch of electrical lights that not only illuminate your room, but adds a little bit of fun. It will surely remind us of our childhood, holding on to a bunch of balloons at the park. These freedom-inspiring balloon lights though hanging on the wall, look just like they’re about to take off high into the sky taking our dreams along with them.

playful balloon lights wall lighting set 2

playful balloon lights wall lighting set 3

This dreamy wall lighting design hailing from Taiwan does bring a touch of fun and a unique design to the house. The balloons are each powered by 110-240V AC mains that are connected through the electrical cords disguised as balloon strings.

However having electrical cords that deliver electricity to the balloon lights acting as the balloon strings doesn’t seem that safe. Definitely not the type of balloon strings that should be held or tugged at for safety reasons.

However if your home happens to be free of young children, the balloon lights will surely bring nostalgic playfulness to the theme of the room.

The balloon lights sell for NT2,200 each from Taiwanese online retailer 25togo.