luci inflatable solar lantern 1

This is one solar lantern, a portable lamp that charges up using solar power and gives off light via energy-efficient LEDs. While many solar lanterns tend to come in a hard shell, this one looks and feels more like an inflatable balloon.

luci inflatable solar lantern 2

The Luci inflatable solar lantern is an LED solar-powered light, but the main feature is its ability to be inflatable, and therefore space-saving for storage. When it’s needed it can then be inflated like an inflatable ball for it to gain volume and will look just like a portable lamp in its inflated form.

The solar lamp requires 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge, and will run on the stored energy to provide 6-12 hours of illumination depending on the brightness setting.

A space-saving design for an eco-friendly LED lamp.

The Luci inflatable solar lantern retails for $24.95 from Amazon.