lumigrids led grid projector for night cycling 1

Night cycling as opposed to cycling during the day can pose additional for cyclists as due to the low visibility, it is harder to react to the surroundings especially to obstacles on the road. Here’s one clever innovation called Lumigrids that not only illuminates the path in front of the cyclist but also makes one aware of the micro topography on it.

lumigrids led grid projector for night cycling 2

lumigrids led grid projector for night cycling 3

The Lumigrids LED projector, while illuminating the road to a lesser degree compared to high-powered bike lamps, provides helpful information regarding the path the cyclist is about to cycle along. When the grid is projected on the ground, cyclists will be able to see and judge imperfections on the road, allowing them to anticipate and compensate as they travel across them.

In addition, it will allow cyclist to avoid potential dangerous situations like potholes on the road, therefore helping to reduce the chances of the cyclist from getting injured while cycling at night.

A clever design that will surely benefit cyclists who cycle at night. Hopefully this product will be out on the market soon.