lumio led book lamp 1

When we think about books, they are stuff meant for reading. However here’s one book that can’t be read from, but is actually an LED lamp in disguise.

lumio led book lamp 2

lumio led book lamp 3

The Lumio LED book lamp is a lamp that has been made to look just like a hardcover book. Between its covers houses a lighting system that switches on when the book opens. The pages made of a plastic material called ‘Tyvek’ fan out equally from cover to cover and act as diffusers for the lamp, creating an glow that illuminates the space around it.

Since it’s made to look like a book, it can be stored on a bookshelf without looking out of place amongst other books. When light is needed, simply pull it out, open it and the LED lamp activates instantly. By running on built-in rechargeable batteries, the book lamp can be used practically anywhere for illumination purposes.

A creative-looking LED lamp that comes cleverly disguised as a hard cover book that also stores well when not in use.

The Lumio LED book lamp’s Kickstarter campaign starts on February 12th 2013.