Since the announcement and launch of the MacBook Air at MacWorld 2008, there has been pretty much hype about the thinnest notebook in the world. Now, with a customization service by Colorware, your MacBook Air can be the thinnest pink notebook in the world!

MacBook Air Cotton Candy Pink
Apple MacBook Air in Cotton Candy Pink

The official MacBook Air currently does not come in any colour other than white, but for users who want it in their favourite hue, they can satisfy their craving with this gadget colouring service by Colorware.

Besides the pink colour available, there’s a load of colours available as well, 14 solid colours and 20 metallic colours in all!

Donning a new colour for the MacBook Air doesn’t come cheap though. A new colour for the system base costs $500 with $50 for other additional customisations. With a MacBook Air in a different colour, it will look the most unique of the lot, maybe until Apple decides to release them in more colours like the iPod Nano.

via Gadgenista