magicboard virtual touchscreen keyboard

For a computer user who needs a significant number input devices to perform different tasks, it can be quite a challenge to place them all on a single desk. The MagicBoard keyboard is one gadget able to act as any input device the user desires be it a keyboard, a musical keyboard or even the controls of a media player, eliminating the need to purchase new input devices once and for all.

magicboard virtual musical keyboard

This futuristic keyboard design by Eliel Cabrera replaces the conventional keyboard with a virtual touchscreen able to display different modes of input, allowing a user to switch from typing to playing the piano for example, with a simple gesture and without having to plug-in an additional device like a midi keyboard.

magicboard virtual keyboard media and game controls

For games, the MagicBoard can be programmed to display custom buttons and layouts while accepting various gestures, adding yet another level of interactivity.

MagicBoard looks to be a great concept, and if it enters the market it should prove itself as a worthy peripheral for graphics designers and video editors; for gesture-input will surely provide a huge boost in productivity and efficiency.

A creative and cool design which projects the future of the indispensable computer keyboard, which has certainly come a long way since its introduction in the 70’s.