magnetic thumbtacks 1

Using thumbtacks is not a new thing, but here’s a different design to the thumbtacks we know.

magnetic thumbtacks 2

magnetic thumbtacks 3

These magnetic thumbtacks called Magnet Tacks work like ordinary thumbtacks, where it can be used for attaching notes and memos on corkboards. On top of that, its head is actually magnetic so it can be used for holding on to magnetic items.

It can be used to hold on to a bunch of keys, while holding on to a note directs or acts as a label as to the purpose of that bunch of keys.

A binder clip can also be stuck on it so notes, memos and important articles can be clipped on the board without being tacked full of holes.

A useful and multipurpose design to the already useful thumbtack.

The magnet tacks come in a set of 3 and retails for $20 from Emmo Home.