Here’s an interesting product that’s made for the avid photoshopper – a magnetic whiteboard that looks just like the main window of a Photoshop program.

photoshop magnetic whiteboard 1

This magnetic whiteboard is made to look like an application window from your computer’s image editing program, where it contains a menu-bar and a grid pattern.

Coming in a separate package apart from the whiteboard are magnet kits for attaching photographs or notes on the board with. These magnets come in two distinct packs, the Photoshop and the Illustrator kits which correspond to the toolbars available in both programs.

photoshop illustrator magnet kits

illustrator magnet board

A basic set consisting of a 20” magnetic board and a pack of magnets retails for $65 at meninos. Now that’s a really interesting and unique way to put up photographs on your wall.

[meninos via technabob]