magnetyze magnetic charging and docking system 1

No more fumbling with cables and connectors, that is what this Magnetyze system does. Using magnets to act as connections between the iPhone and the dock not only does it make it easier for docking, it also allows the dock to act as a stand while using magnetic energy to hold the phone in place.

magnetyze magnetic charging and docking system 2

magnetyze magnetic charging and docking system 3

Though the usage of magnets isn’t new, the Magnetyze does look quite sleek. All that is needed is for the iPhone to fit into the Magnetyze casing, and you never have to the touch the iPhone’s docking port ever again. Everything including charging and data syncing can be performed through the magnetic connection point no bigger than the size of a thumb.

There no need for pushing and pulling of connection cables as the magnets will hold the connection points secure enough for data or charging tasks.

Watch the video of the Magnetyze magnetic charging and docking system in action below:



What I really want to see in the future for smartphones and gadgets though, is for the battery of mobile phones to come with built-in induction charging circuits, so they can be charged wirelessly without the need of wires in the first place.

Meanwhile, a magnetic charging system like the Magnetyze by BuQuTech is probably the one of the more convenient methods available in the market today.