Is your life a video game? If not, you can certainly role play and pretend it does. In this case, you can pretend to be the most famous Nintendo character in gaming history, Mario!

Super Mario Sound FX Keychain

Each button on the keychain corresponds to a familiar sound effect in Super Mario games.
There are six sound effects available:

  • Coin
  • Start Music
  • Extra life
  • Jump
  • Grow
  • Death Music

If you aren’t sure sure how you can use them for maximum effectiveness, which is highly impossible, here are a couple of suggestions:

      Grow SFX — After finishing a bowl of mushroom soup
      Jump SFX — Jumping with your legs apart with one hand above the head
      Death Music — When you fall while executing the jump above

So there’s no reason for you to get one of these and start annoying everyone around you today.

Get it from: ThinkGeek