pac man ice cube tray silicone mold 1

Pac-Man is a video game from the era of classic video gaming. Here’s one cool ice tray that lets you enjoy a nice chilled beverages using ice cubes that are shaped like the characters of the game.

pac man ice cube tray silicone mold 2

The Pac-Man ice tray is a silicone ice tray that lets you make ice cubes shaped like the main character of the game, Pac-Man and his foes, the colored ghosts that constantly chases him around every stage in the game.

Made of the silicone, the ice tray can also be used as a mold. This means in addition to colorless ice pieces, you can make other treats like jelly, where you can add color to each of the jelly pieces to make a ‘color-correct’ version of Pac-Man desserts. The silicone tray will also be perfect for making chocolates for parties and video game themed gatherings.

A cool ice tray mold that is perfect for simply making ice and desserts in the fun way.

The Pac-Man ice tray silicone mold retails for $9.99 from Amazon.