minecraft papercraft diorama

If you like Minecraft then this is a good way to start making Minecraft papercraft dioramas in real life by employing of the art of papercraft. Though it isn’t really a walk in the park to start from scratch like printing out every single Minecraft cube on paper and then fixing them up into blocks, this cool Minecraft diorama may be the fastest way to start your own Minecraft papercraft revolution. That in turn my folks, will turn you into a satisfied architect once you complete your amazing engineering artifacts.

A good idea is to insert a piece of magnet inside every block so that they can be magnetized to attract to each other. This way the blocks can be made to stick together or taken apart easily, which is definitely less messy than using glue to attach the paper blocks to each other.

Meanwhile, while you fantasize about having a room filled with papercraft creations here’s the link to download and print the page needed to make your own Minecraft papercraft diorama featuring a scene of a player hiding from the scary creeper.