man pants salt and pepper shaker set 1

Salt and pepper shakers can come in many forms, and here’s one with a very interesting look. On the outside it is a man with a seemingly large pair of pants. However it is actually a salt and pepper shaker set.

man pants salt and pepper shaker set 2

This PANTS salt and pepper shaker comes in two parts, first is the man without his pants that carries salt and the other part of the set, the pants which carries pepper. The man with his pants can be placed on the table with the man stacked into his pants and as and when needed they can perform his act and turn into two parts for dispensing salt and pepper.

The salt and pepper set is made of ceramic therefore they will be sturdy enough to last for quite some time.

A cute ceramic salt and pepper set that looks good also as a dining table decoration.

The Pants salt and pepper shaker set retails for $6.82 from Amazon.