manatea manatee shaped tea infuser 1

It’s always nice to have a relaxing cup of tea during a break and there are ways to make that cup of tea more enjoyable, not in terms of taste but visually.

manatea manatee shaped tea infuser 2

manatea manatee shaped tea infuser 3

Here’s one tea infuser that comes in the form of a sea creature, a manatee. They are thought to have been mistaken for mermaids and thus could very well be the origin to the legend of mermaids. Though they may not not look like mermaids, this manatee shaped tea infuser will still let you brew a cup of tea with it.

Put some loose tea leaves within the manatea silicone tea infuser, dunk it in a cup of hot water, and as the manatee sits with its flippers hanging out of the cup your tea will start to brew. One cute-looking animal shaped tea infuser that will surely get more than just a single glance at.

The Manatea manatee-shaped tea infuser retails for $11.50 from Amazon.