Toshiba is working with Manganovel to attract a wider audience to Japanese manga by bringing the Web 2.0 concept into the distribution of fansubs.


So how does it work?

Firstly, the manga is initially created by the artist in the native language. Next, the fans are able come up with their own subs for the manga and distribute it for downloaders. These subbers can then choose to sell their subs at a price of up to 2% of the comic novel price or to distribute it for free. If they decide to sell it at a price, they get a 50% cut of the income generated from their subs. All this is supported by Toshiba’s network and DRM will be applied to the manga and subs as well.

This not only encourages readers to get their fix legally, it also gives users the chance to earn income for contributing their translations. Last but not least, it provides budding manga artists the exposure they deserve.

via: Digital World Tokyo