maxell vibrabone hp-vbc40 bone conduction earphones

Maxell has unveiled a special type of earphone, the VIBRABONE HP-VBC40 earphones that deliver music to you not not through conventional airwaves but through the magic of bone conduction.

Just like how Beethoven was still able to hear music by biting a rod connected to his piano even though he was deaf in the ears, the Maxell bone conduction earphones work on the same principal that sound waves have the capability to travel along solid mediums, and that’s including human bone.

What we should expect through bone conduction as compared to music transferred via airwaves as stated by Maxell, will be a better bass response and more accurate sounds from their line of bone conducting earphones.

Maxell has set the date of the release at the end of April 2011 for the Japanese market. Estimated retail price for a set goes for about 4,000 yen.