maze safe coin bank

Here’s a coin bank that comes with a special feature. Besides allowing its owner to save money by putting coins into it, it comes with a hard-to-open lid that makes taking money out it a hassle, which is a good thing when it comes to saving money.

The Maze Safe is a coin bank that comes with a special lid. At the top there’s a coin slot for saving coins into the coin bank. Around it there’s a maze built into it, filled with five ball bearings that act as the playing pieces for navigating the maze with.

In order to unlock the mechanism, the balls have to be moved by tilting the coin bank around in order reach the goal. The difficulty of unlocking the lid can be set to the number of balls that successfully reach the end of the maze. Once the requirement has been fulfilled, the lid can then be opened top retrieve the coins.

A useful and fun coin bank that can be played with to kill time, and at the same time help to save money by making it hard to get to the money easily.

The maze coin bank retails for £12.99 from IWOOT.