mcintosh themed ipad case 1

This is one case that will turn the current look of modern iPad tablet into a one with a retro style, a McIntosh-themed iPad case that comes with the look of an old-school McIntosh computer.

mcintosh themed ipad case 2

This iPad case will allow anyone to change the look of their iPad, more specifically the back of their iPad into an old-style computer, the McIntosh. While it is more for cosmetic purposes, it will still help to protect the back of the iPad from dust, dirt and scratches from everyday use.

Since this is a back-cover for the iPad 2, the front of the iPad remains the same so the Smart cover for will still work when the back-case is in use. This means that one is able go about using the iPad just like usual while giving others a hit of nostalgia when they happen to glance at the back of the iPad.

The Padintosh iPad case retails for $38 from Urban Outfitters.