medieval pushpins

These pushpins are not ordinary pushpins, for they are medieval style pushpins that’ll to accentuate a message. Have a notice or warning for an uncooperative family member or colleague? Just use one of these to show that you really mean business.

medieval pushpin noticeboard

These creatively designed medieval pushpins will be suitable for use with boards such as regular corkboards and they work just like the usual one, but can be used for a better effect in a more urgent manner.

A good way to attract attention to a message on a noticeboard, however if it’s a public noticeboard they’ll probably disappear fast coz it’s simply too irresistible not to have one.

The medieval pushpins are available at Vat19 for $9.95 a set. Each set contains 10 pieces, which includes two pieces each from a total of five available designs.