mefisto portable water boiler concept 1

How many times have we wanted to have a nice cup of hot tea, but need to wait for a kettle of water to boil before we can even start brewing tea? Here’s one conceptual gadget that is made to tackle that problem.

mefisto portable water boiler concept 2

mefisto portable water boiler concept 3

Mefisto is a water heater/boiler that unlike an electric kettle, is able to boil water right in the cup. It looks like a tripod, where two of the legs contain heating elements that can be placed into cups of water directly for boiling.

When boiled water is needed for brewing tea, the legs can be placed into the cups and since it only boils the exact amount of water is needed, there will be no wastage of water and energy compared to boiling an entire kettle of water.

An interesting and smart conceptual design for a portable electric water boiler.

More info on the Mefisto at Industrial Design Served.