If you happen to own one of those handheld tetris games back in the 90’s then you’ll understand how addicting it was during that time. Meiji has come up with a tetris game made of chocolate blocks, and guess what? There are actually 2,339 ways to solve it.

Meiji tetris chocolate puzzle 1
Meiji tetris chocolate puzzle 2

The puzzle blocks are actually unedible, and the difficulty of the puzzle sets are based on the “flavour” of the chocolate, with the white chocolate being the easiest to solve and dark chocolate for the most difficult.

This will be perfect for tetris addicts who happen to be chocolate lovers, and playing with them too much will probably make you want to grab some real Meiji chocolates for revenge.

The Meiji chocolate puzzle blocks go for US$7.37 per set over at Strapya World.

via Popgadget