multipurpose-metric-conversion-wallet 1

Here’s one wallet that looks quite a bit different from a typical wallet, and that’s a wallet that’s printed with a wealth of knowledge right on it. By that we mean a pretty useful metric conversion chart on the face of the wallet itself.

multipurpose-metric-conversion-wallet 2

This wallet functions the same as any other wallet, but come with an unique and pretty useful feature. It comes with a metric conversion chart, a ruler along the length of it. However, it doesn’t end there, open the wallet and there’s a protractor that measures angles and formulas for calculating angles.

It does come with four credit card slots and two pockets for dollar notes, which makes it a multipurpose wallet of sorts. When the need arises, simply whip out your wallet to help yourself or someone to a conversion problem, which can sometimes be faster than scrolling through the menus of a smartphone.

An interesting multipurpose wallet that will be suitable for a math or science geek.

The metric conversion wealth of knowledge wallet retails for $15 from Moma Store.