micro luggage with skate scooter attachment 1

Finding yourself in a habit of rushing when travelling and trying to get on time for flights during trips and vacations? Here’s one luggage bag that’s going to make all that rushing a little less tiring and a little more fun.

micro luggage with skate scooter attachment 2micro luggage with skate scooter attachment 3

The Micro Luggage is a luggage that not only carries your stuff for travelling, but also comes with something not seen on most luggage bags. Surprise, it’s a skate scooter attachment that turns your luggage into a personal transportation device. Instead of sprinting to the gates, now you can glide in style across the airport, luggage and all, no matter how far the gate is.

micro luggage with skate scooter attachment 4

The skate attachment can be folded up and down which will allow the entire thing to fit into inspection machines and flight cabin storage compartments just like a standard sized luggage. The set of handlebars is also a great feature that makes it possible to steer the Micro Luggage while travelling with it just as one would on a real skate scooter.

One clever way of reducing the distance one has to walk during travelling and also a smart way to get the younger ones to carry their own stuff in the airport.

Watch the video of the Micro Scooter luggage system in action below:



The Micro Luggage skate scooter luggage system measures 13.5 x 10 x 22 inches, weighs 11 pounds and retails for $299.99 from Amazon.