The Micro Sport is a mini MP3 player from Japan. This MP3 player is so tiny it’s smaller than the size of the average human ear, earning it the title of the world’s smallest MP3 player.

This MP3 player is definitely great for lovers of micro gadgets, boasting 4GB of internal memory and a lithium-ion battery. It also comes with plug and play capability, eliminating the hassle of manually installing drivers for music synchronization.

micro-sport-mini-mp3-player 2

For stereo playback, simply connect the second earbud to the MP3 player and loop it around the back of your neck.


Product Features

  • Super tiny MP3 player is the size of two sugar cubes
  • Stores 4GB of Music
  • Charges with USB
  • Built in rechargeable Li battery
  • Easily transfer music via USB
  • Stereo sound
  • No drivers required, works with any OS
  • Imported from Japan

Available $79, ThinkGeek.