micro usb illumination charge and sync cable 1

Here’s one cool-looking micro USB cable that is different from most cables – it comes with a useful illumination that makes it glow in the dark when charging up a smartphone.

micro usb illumination charge and sync cable 2

This is a micro USB cable that is made for charging and syncing with smartphones with micro USB connectivity.

How is the glow from the illumination useful besides making it easier to spot in the dark? The illumination system built into the cord is made to come with a flowing effect. When the phone is connected and charging, the illumination starts to display a flowing effect that simulates the flow of electricity travelling from the charger to the smartphone.

When the battery is fully charged and the electrical flow has been cut, the cable is able to detect and change the illumination effect according to the status, where the flowing effect stops when the battery has stopped charging.

This is a pretty useful feature, as it lets one know that a smartphone has been fully charged and ready to be unplugged without the need to pick it up and unlock it just to check the battery status.

A cool-looking and useful charging cable for smartphone users.

The micro USB illumination charge and sync cable retails for $7.98 from Amazon.