microwave mini taiyaki maker set

Taiyaki is a hot pancake type of Japanese street snack that usually comes with red bean filling. These are made inside molds that resemble waffle molds and are usually cooked over fire or electric stoves.

mini taiyaki mini taiyaki maker set accessories

Unlike traditionally made taiyaki, now with this set of taiyaki making tools one can make tasty taiyaki at home using just a microwave!

All it takes is to prepare the ingredients such as pancake mix, milk, eggs, mix them in the shaker provided and fill the mold with the batter and filling. After which it goes into the microwave for approximately 1 and half minutes and a delicious Japanese snack is ready to be eaten.

Depending on one’s skill, it may or may not come close in taste as those bought from the streets but the convenience of being able to eat hot and piping taiyaki anytime of the day is surely a big advantage, and it’s safe for kids to make it for themselves too. The microwave mini taiyaki maker set is available for 3,500 yen at Strapya-World.