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Finding it a chore to make a nice breakfast out of eggs in the morning just having woken up not long ago? Here’s one quick way to make an omelette without having to use a frying pan.

silicone microwave omelette cooker 2

silicone microwave omelette cooker 3

The microwave omelette cooker is a taco shaped enclosed silicone cooker that lets you cook an egg with it. All you need is to add whisked eggs and some flavorful ingredients into the maker, put it in the microwave and in no time you get a hot and piping omelette ready for breakfast or for a quick meal during the day.

Without using a frying pan, there is no need to add excess oil as the egg will not stick to the omelette cooker therefore cleanup will be much less of a hassle. Since the omelette cooker is enclosed, the liquid egg won’t spill out while it’s cooking in the microwave.

A simple yet useful cooking tool that will let you make omelettes in a healthy and quick way.

The silicone microwave omelette cooker retails for $14.99 from Uncommon Goods.