mighty mug suction cup mug

There are times when a mug is accidentally knocked over, and those are the times that you wish there wasn’t any liquid in the mug. Unfortunately chances are that it always make a huge mess, especially with sugary liquid that can leave a sticky stain if not properly cleaned. Here’s one mug that makes sure you won’t be able to topple it ever.

The mighty mug is a big mug that can be used to hold anything from coffee to tea and your favorite drinks. The difference is that with this mug around, you can afford to be careless, because no matter how many times you bump into it, you won’t be able to topple it or make it contents spill out.

The secret lies at the bottom of the mug, where a large suction cup is in place. With it, the mug is able to secure and hold itself to a flat surface and stay stuck until you need to pick it up for washing or storage. It also comes with a lid and a double walled design, so you can keep your beverages warm. This design will be very helpful for those with work with a computer, so your laptop or a keyboard will be safe from liquid spillage.

An interesting design to a mug that helps to prevent tears rolling down due to messy spillage.

The Mighty Mug retails for $21.96 from Amazon.