mimi wireless gamepad with keyboard and mouse functions

For gamers who prefer to game on a PC setup in the living room and if wired controllers are the only option, there is always the need to buy the one with the longest cord. That also includes looking for a keyboard and mice for surfing and messaging.

Fortunately these days there are wireless peripherals such as wireless keyboards and mice. Unfortunately it doesn’t look anywhere practical in this age of technology to be seen gaming with a keyboard in the lap, the left hand holding on a gamepad and a mouse on the right – all that while using the couch as a mousepad.

That’s where the Mimi wireless gamepad comes in. It’s not only a gamepad but a wireless gamepad, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse packed into one device. This allows the ease of interfacing with the computer with it alone without having to juggle with three computer peripherals at the same time.

The keyboard portion comes as a keypad below the gaming buttons and as for the mouse, there is a built-in accelerometer that translates 3-dimensional movements into mouse cursor movements simply by tilting the gamepad the way you want the cursor to go. The mouse function built into this gamepad certainly makes it very convenient for surfing the internet as there isn’t a need to put down the gamepad to reach for a mouse to move the mouse cursor.

Product Features:

  • User definable hot keys
  • Motion sensing air mouse
  • Left and right mouse buttons
  • LED indicators for battery status
  • Ergonomic gamepad with two analog joysticks and digital buttons
  • 4 axis 10 fire buttons
  • Trusty 8-way D-pad
  • Charging via mini USB port
  • HTPC supported


The Mimi wireless gamepad with built-in keyboard and mouse functions is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and is sold for £89.99 at Firebox.