mimicry pet hamster toy 1

Here’s a fun toy in the form of a talking hamster called the Mimicry Pet from Takara Tomy of Japan. This automatic voice repeating device as a cute toy will record the last six seconds of whatever you just said, be it a compliment or a rude remark and replay it immediately back to you.

mimicry pet hamster toy 2

mimicry pet hamster toy 3

The way it works is rather simple but it can be quite funny at times especially when one is bored and looking for a quick way to de-stress.

Watch the video of Mimicry pet hamster in action below:



A fun toy not only for kids but also for the young at heart. Possibly also a good toy for babies who have started making noises. The constant reply from this toy should be able to keep them occupied for some time while you get some work done.

The Mimicry pet hamster toy retails for $36 from Amazon.