minecraft tissue box covers

For the manliest Minecraft gamer out there if you drop that precious load of inventory when you accidently fall into a lava lake in Minecraft, there is absolutely no need to weep. However, if you do need to drop a tear or two after completing that massive structure that took a couple of weeks to build, you’ll be glad to know a Minecraft themed tissue box is around to help you wipe away your snot.

These tissue box covers from sockmonkeyfun have been made so that when it goes over a box that contains tissues, the entire thing will look just like Minecraft blocks that dispense tissues. The cool thing is that they come in different designs ranging from the grass to cobblestone cube as seen in the game.

An interesting idea for turning an ugly looking tissue box into a desktop decoration especially for Minecraft fans. After being used up for dispensing tissues the covers can either reused or have the empty boxes turned into coin boxes for storing spare change; the imagination is all up to you. The Minecraft themed tissue covers go for $15 each on Etsy.