minecraft cookie cutter set 1

Here’s a set of cookie cutters that all have something in common, which is the ability to cut Minecraft themed cookie shapes out of cookie dough.

minecraft cookie cutter set 2

minecraft cookie cutter set 3

This set of Minecraft cookie cutters come in a set of 5 pieces, which will make it possible to produce cookies in the shape of the pickaxe, sword, cookie, Minecraft Steve, and the creeper’s face.

What is needed is to cut the shapes out of cookie dough, bake them and decorate them with colored icing and the Minecraft themed cookies will be ready to be eaten.

Of course with cookies like these, part of the fun is to enjoy looking at them and displaying them, making your homemade cookies perfect as a gift for a fan of Minecraft.

A set of cookie cutters that will make cookies look cute and fun.

The Minecraft cookie cutter set retails for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.