minecraft cosplay creeper full mask 1

Those who know a thing or two about Minecraft will surely be no stranger to the creeper, the most notorious mob out there in survival mode. That has also attracted a bunch of cosplayers who do want to dress up to look just like the scary but lovable Creeper.

minecraft cosplay creeper full mask 2minecraft cosplay creeper full mask 3

minecraft cosplay creeper full mask 4

Here’s one item made for cosplayers that’ll surely make it easier to get recognized as the Creeper from Minecraft at game gatherings and events, and that’s a Minecraft cosplay creeper mask. Not just any mask though, a mask that goes over your whole head turning it into the blocky form of Minecraft’s Creeper.

The full on mask will surely be a good talking point for Minecraft fans, and perhaps a good head start for a cosplayer to go ahead and make a complete Creeper cosplaying costume, body and all. How awesome would that be?

The Minecraft cosplay creeper mask retails for $19.99 from Jinx.