minecraft creeper hoodie 1

Here’s one Minecraft-themed hoodie that is made in the likes of its most notorious mob, the creeper. This is a zip-up Creeper hoodie that will make a Minecraft player or one who knows about the game instantly recognize.

minecraft creeper hoodie 2

While it will provide the look of the Minecraft’s Creeper, wearing it will not make it look as if you’re going all out to attend a cosplay convention. It does look suitable for going around anywhere that one would normally go in a normal hoodie.

One surprise is that the hoodie is fully zippable to the top, and when that happens one will clearly see the face of the Creeper. One cool hoodie that is both suitable for normal use and also for fooling around with fellow Minecraft gamers at a gathering.

The Minecraft Creeper hoodie retails for $64.99-$66.99 from Jinx.