minecraft creeper u-shaped plush pillow 1

Minecraft creepers are the scariest when you least expect it, but other than that most of the time they aren’t that annoying. As long as they don’t do what they do and destroy the beautiful landscape in your map in Minecraft. Here’s one creeper-faced U-shaped pillow that won’t annoy you at all.

minecraft creeper u-shaped plush pillow 2

The Minecraft U-shaped plush pillow comes in the shade of green, just like the creeper. It comes with the face of the creeper, which looks pretty cool simply just because it’s the face of the notorious mob in Minecraft.

While it won’t creep up on you like real life just like what it does in the game, it will provide your neck with some comfort while sitting on a high-backed chair like an airplane seat during your travels. All that while you wander of into dreamland, or even a Minecraft map in your dreams.

An interesting Minecraft-themed pillow that’s not only good for collection as a Minecraft gamer but also for use while travelling.

The Minecraft creeper U-shaped plush pillow retails for $16.99 from Gadgets-N-Gizmos.