minecraft creeper usb flash drive 1

Here’s one Minecraft-themed computer accessory, a USB flash drive made in the likes of the creeper from the game. It’s a handy flash drive that can be used for storing data, but the fact that in comes in the form of Minecraft’s most notorious mob has to be the main appeal.

minecraft creeper usb flash drive 2

This Minecraft creeper USB flash drive comes in green, which is somewhat similar to the one from the game. However it doesn’t come clad in the familiar pixelated form but a simple solid color. In addition, its missing two legs, for the creeper always comes with four legs and not just two.

Differences aside, this is one USB flash drive just like any other and with 16GB worth of memory, you can save anything from a copy of the game launcher to a bunch of your must-have Minecraft mods as a form of offline backup just in case. Maybe even have it contain a couple of video compilations of your adventures and creations so you can plug it into a media player for showing off to fellow gamers whenever the occasion calls for it.

On its own it looks just like a cute little Minecraft toy and when its memory function is needed, simply pop off the creeper’s head for use with the USB port a computer.

A nice little gift for yourself or a Minecraft fan that not only looks good as a mini action-figure but also doubles up as a flash drive.

The Minecraft creeper USB flash drive retails for $17.99 from Amazon.