minecraft creeper vinyl toy figure 1

Here’s an action figure featuring a character from the ever popular sandbox game, Minecraft. A particular one that many players share a love/hate relationship with. No prizes for guessing. Yep it’s the monster we all know as the Creeper from Minecraft.

minecraft creeper vinyl toy figure 2

minecraft creeper vinyl toy figure 3

The Minecraft Creeper vinyl figure stands at 6 inches tall and will be perfect as a decoration for the room of a Minecraft fan. Unlike the ones from the game that seem to do everything in their utmost capacity to creep up on you when you least expect it and to cause destruction, what this vinyl figure only does is just staying put in its place without bothering you.

Besides the Minecraft Creeper figure, a diamond block also comes in the set. Perhaps by having it close by it’ll act as a good luck charm for discovering more diamond ores in the game. Surely a perfect desktop companion set for the addicted Minecraft gamer.

The Minecraft Creeper vinyl toy figure with diamond block retails for $29.99 from Jinx.