One of the most eerie sounds found in the nether of the Minecraft world has to be that coming from the Ghast. This flying mob can not only annoying us with its howls and coos but also shoot fireballs from its mouth.

Maybe it’s just a misunderstood mob, and maybe it has a story to tell. There are some things that it just doesn’t like and that’s why it cries.

Here’s one mug that captures a sad Ghast. A sad Ghast that’s crying. One Minecraft-themed mug that’s able to hold our beverages while we dig deeper into the world of the nether while uncovering more about the Ghasts’ story in Minecraft.

A cool-looking mug that’s suitable for daily use and also as a nice display for a Minecraft-themed collection in the room of a Minecraft fan.

The Minecraft crying Ghast mug retails for $14.99 from Amazon.