minecraft diamond sword usb flash drive 1

The diamond sword is one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft, that helps players to clear dungeons and defend their avatars from getting killed by the monsters and dropping valuable items in the middle of nowhere. Here’s one USB flash drive made to look just like the one from the game.

minecraft diamond sword usb flash drive 2

This USB drive is basically a handy storage device for storing data offline. While they can come in many different forms, this particular one comes in the shape of the diamond sword in Minecraft. Just like the one from the game, this one comes in the same pixelated form.

Though you can’t actually use it for defending yourself in real life, this Minecraft-themed USB drive will still have the ability to store files offline which will be useful as backup for Minecraft game files and its mods.

One cool USB flash drive that is not only useful but also as a nice collectible for Minecraft fans.

The Minecraft diamond sword USB flash drive comes with 16GB memory capacity and retails for $19.99 from Gadgets-N-Gizmos.