minecraft donkey kong 1

Donkey Kong meets Minecraft – this has come alive in this interesting video by sethbling, which is remake of the classic Donkey Kong game using the PC game Minecraft. The player is a Minecraft avatar clad in a Mario skin and the objective is to save the princess played by the pig trapped at the top while Donkey Kong rolls down mine carts instead of barrels down the platforms.

minecraft donkey kong 2

minecraft donkey kong 3

Watch the video of the remake of Donkey Kong in Minecraft below:



If Mario misses a jump and hits the mine carts, the player gets shot by a barrage of arrows as a form of penalty which is sure to take off a chunk of health.

minecraft donkey kong 4

minecraft donkey kong 5

While the intervals of the Mine carts rolling down is quite predictable, it still looks pretty fun. The added challenge is that everything is in 3D unlike the 2D classic so there’s a possibility of falling off the ledge all the time, not forgetting that one has to take on the challenge in first or third person view in order to complete it.