minecraft diamond pickaxe bottle opener 1

Minecraft is a game where you hunt for gather and hunt for resources to make tools to perform productive work. That’s basically what people do in real life. Here’s one Minecraft tool that has popped out of the game screen and into real life. However this real life Minecraft pickaxe model doesn’t really do it’s job like as in the game, for it is a bottle opener.

minecraft diamond pickaxe bottle opener 2

This mini pickaxe is a model of the diamond pickaxe form the game Minecraft in its pixelated glory. In the game a player would use it for doing mining stuff like breaking up the rocky landscape for gathering ores. The real-life model has a totally different purpose though, for it isn’t meant for mining, but more of a supportive role – and that is getting the bottle opened and hopefully after a nice drink one can go on to perform ‘productive’ tasks.

The bottle opener is made of metal which will be sturdy enough for bottle opening, just as a pickaxe is for mining ores. Pretty much a very unique bottle opening gadget to have around the home especially for a big fan of Minecraft.

The Minecraft pickaxe bottle opener retails for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.