minecraft pickaxe touchscreen stylus 1

In Minecraft, all of the mining on ores should be done with the pickaxe. On a mobile screen, most people do it with their fingers or a stylus. No one will every try to do that with a pickaxe. Not unless you’re a Minecraft player, that is.

minecraft pickaxe touchscreen stylus 2

This is a pickaxe that isn’t made for mining ores in the game Minecraft, but a mini one made of foam material that is made for using touchscreen tablet or smartphone. So if you do have a pocket edition of Minecraft on your mobile device you can hold something that looks just like a pickaxe and go on mining. Other than that you will just be on the receiving end of strange looks from other people or the envy of fellow Minecraft players who know what you’ve been doing.

An interesting-looking touchscreen stylus made to look like the most indispensable tool in Minecraft.

The Minecraft pickaxe touchscreen stylus retails for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.